Thursday, February 21, 2013

SNEZ E-News & Blog - cigarettes & whisky & wild wild women

What a wonderful night of celebration we had for the 'Wild Women' CD launch. I tell you what, it was stinkin' hot in the room, but we had a pretty good time. The night began with African Drumming/dance group 'Hands Heart and Feet', which a colourful display of dance and rhythmic drumming. We had 14 singer/songwriters from the album performing on the night and they all did brilliantly. Thank you to our MC Ann Palumbo who moved with the tide as the night progressed. Also Lara Taylor who presented two of her original prose peices 'Biccies out the Tin' and 'The Artist'. It truly was a beautiful night of women, music, dance and food. See pictures below. For all photos go to

For use please email Manuela at

More 'Wild Women' mini concerts to come over the year, so please stay tuned at the website at . Some interviews & video footage of the wild women concert coming soon.

Thank you to all the women, men and children who helped to make the night a success.
Snez xx

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