Monday, October 26, 2020

SNEZ E-News: Oatley Village Festival retrospective photo's

We were first asked to play at the Oatley Village Festival back in 2012 and continued to play up until 2015. It was one of the only opportunities we got to play together as a band with Chris Mearns on bass guitar, occasionally toy piano and shaker, Lindsay Tebbutt on drums, percussion and whatever else he pulled out, Stewart Peters on acoustic guitar, vocals and myself on lead vocals and guitar from 2014. So many memories. Vicki, Chris's wife, was always behind the scenes and when Ellie came along, she was there to take the role of nanny. There were regulars who came to see us playing, Craig and Stuart. aaahhh they were the simple days. Band reunion coming soon.

Chris had his new fandangled camera, Oatley 2012

Oatley 2012, Stew is still wearing that shirt!
Oatley 2013

Oatley 2013

Chris doing his thang!

Oatley 2014

Oatley 2014, about to POP!

Baby's here, Oatley 2015

Ellie chilling with Vicki as usual

Our last Oatley Festival 2015

Oatley 2015

Monday, October 19, 2020

SNEZ E-News - More Tour pics - Touring with a kid

House Concert, Nambucca

Luxurious accommodation near Port Macquarie

Merch Lady

Tintenbar Upfront

Trying to ignore what's going on!!!

Waiting around for mum to finish again!

While I'm waiting for mum to finish playing,
I'll dress up the Bella the dog!

Atherton Tablelands with Jeanette Wormald

Monday, October 5, 2020

Snez E-News: Band pics

A few band pics


The band include Vicki in the sunnies and Craig, Stews besty


Jenolan Caves, Chris on Bass

The Carrington, Blue Mountains

Oatley Festival 2012

Recording a music clip with the band inside the van

Friday, September 25, 2020

Snez E-News: Winter Song Live

I've written many winter songs during my time in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Stewart and I spent about 14 years living in Blackheath, creating music, friends, baby, ties and roots. We also spend the whole time whinging about the cold weather. We spent 4 months of the year touring up north to get away from the cold and finally decided it was time to find a home up north where it was mostly warm all year round.
As hard as it was to part from the mountains, our new home is where we belong.

Surrounded by packing boxes and a big mess I started to write this winter song. It was my farewell to the Blue Mountains song. Often my little girl Ellie reminisces about Blackheath and the friends and families we made connection with. 

Here is the live version of 'Winter Song'. Single release and film clip coming soon.  

Copy of Untitled by Tita Siviour

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Snez E-News: Fisher on the Sea - Pre order

Hey folks,

This album has been a bit of a journey and it's almost coming to completion with the release of 'Fisher on the Sea' coming in February 2021. Some days in the studio has been like pulling teeth and I've felt pretty down about the whole project, wanting to throw the towel in and other times I shout out loud 'I'm the best fu&*(^^kîng songwriter in the world'.  When you're working on your own music and career as an independent artist, there is nobody out there that will get you out of bed to write, record, do the promo, prop you up with positive words, fix your hair and make you breakfast....IT IS HARD! (add a kid in the mix too). However hard it gets I feel really grateful and always remind myself that whatever I lack in business skills and networking, I cover with writing and singing my heart out. I have to learnt to view my music as a gift that I am giving the world. Some people want my gift, others don't.

The album is on the homestretch and if you do feel you would like to help out, you could pre-order the album (physical or download) here.

Monday, September 21, 2020

SNEZ E-New: Blast from the past


Childrens Week

Having a kid automatically threw us into the world of kid music! Suddenly I was playing the ukulele and singing 'We're going on a bear hunt' or the dreaded 'Wheels on the Bus'. Kids are an honest audience, they don't hide when they're bored, they walk away in the middle of a song if they don't like it, they are worse than any pub crowd I've seen. At the same time, when you get the chemistry of song choice, timing and humour, it can be the most rewarding gig and I've had many of those.

Monday, September 14, 2020

SNEZ E-News : Blast from the Past

Back in the day, I considered myself a very serious artiste! My songs and photos were very moody, I had early twenties angst to get off my chest and I had a certain naivety about being a pop star! (without any experience or skill at this stage...but lots of anger to make up for it). Photo shoots, human beings and the stage made me nervous and self conscious. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, let alone standing in front of a photographer and tying to look natural!  These days I am who I am, 15 years later. I still hate getting photo's taken, so I do them myself with a camera and remote control and I'm pretty happy with that.

This was my first promotional photo I used to hustle up a record deal : ) Taken by a photographer and soon to become friend, Jennie Jones. Check out some more from the same batch.

Friday, September 11, 2020

SNEZ E-News: Behind the Scenes 'Winter Song'

Stew and I pulled out our guitars to share the single 'Winter Song' from soon to be released new album 'Fisher on the Sea'. It's not always glamorous behind the scenes, but here's a sneak peak. Full version coming at ya in a couple of weeks. Single and music clip out October 2020.

Video Blog Fri 11/9 by Tita Siviour