Thursday, August 18, 2022


I'm really excited to announce some local shows in the Mid North Coast, before I head off south to country Victoria. If you are thinking of coming to any of the shows please pre-book so we have an idea on numbers.


Friday, May 6, 2022


 YEEHAA Today is the day and here it is! The third single 'Two and One Make Three'. Let me know what you think!

Two and One Make Three by Snez

You’re probably making paper crowns
You’re the king and she’s the Queen
She’s only three years old
But she can spin a tale like me

And I’m on the plane to somewhere
I’ll probably sing to no-one
It’s a curse that I’ve befriended
And I’m in it all or none

I’m going where the wine is flowing
And the party never ends
I see kids on every corner
And I remember who I am

I miss you
Two and One Make Three
And that’s our family

She’s probably dreaming up a storm
While you’re playing you’re guitar
I’m about to jump on stage
A piece missing from my heart

These sweet melodies hardly pay the bills
I’m mostly tired and broke
I promise I won’t leave again
You know that’s a running joke

I miss you
Two and One Make Three
I miss you
Two and One Make Three
And that’s our family

These hands of time stop for no-one
While I waste mine
Picking this guitar as she grows
But music is  my soul
Music’s all she’ll know


I miss you
Two and One Make Three
I miss you
Two and One Make Three
And that’s our family

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The people you meet on the road

The people you meet on the road outback!

A few years ago we were on our way to Darwin, we stopped through Alice Springs to visit Stew's step brother and do a few gigs. We then carried on up the Stuart Highway towards Darwin. Our tank was getting low so we stopped at little roadhouse at Ti Tree, just north of Alice. While Stew was filling up, an old fella came up to my window and said "Hey lady, can you give us a lift ay" ....."Where are you going?" I said so naiivly. "Aaaah only a couple of mile up the track!". Stew went in to check with the servo guy to see if this fella was legit and was told "Oh yeah he's alright ... but a couple of miles could end up 60 miles!"

"Ok hop in" Stew said as I opened the sliding door of the van and signaled to the old bloke to get in. As soon as the door opened 3 guys and a woman came out of nowhere, jumped in the back of the van and started munching their hot chips and pies - ha cheeky ambush!

After we passed the 10 mile mark, we started to ask questions. "How much further?" "...ah, not far brother, just follow this road, till you see the 'Big Man', then turn right".
About 60 miles later! we finally saw the 'Big Man' - in Aileron. It was a sculpture on the hill in the distance.
We all hopped out of the van exchanged handshakes and took a couple of photo's together. "You owe us $30 bucks for that picture", the old bloke had the hide to joke, and I returned with "You owe us $100 bucks for petrol mate!"

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Check out 'Busking on the Road', my love song to all the music junkies out there!
A big thank you to Joe Spagalli (@charliespagalli) and Jane Erkens from The Shed in Nanango for some awesome live footage. A special thanks to Tim Hills from Naranderra for hosting a wonderful concert and last but not least my second set of visual eyes, Deebee Bishop and Stewart Peters.