Thursday, September 20, 2018

SNEZ E-News: Caravan Session// Mr Mouse and Me

Hello lovely people
I've really been enjoying sharing some stories and snippets of our life up here in the mid north coast.
This next blog is just a quickie : ) I've got a manic couple of weeks with gigs and travelling, so it was a miracle that I could squeeze this one in. It's rough around the edges, ahh but that's me!!
Enjoy, if you like it let me know, if you don't like it keep it to yourself   : )


Folk by the Sea, in beautiful Kiama this weekend. If you haven't, book your tickets, they're still available. I'm playing at 3.15 pm on the Sunday, sharing stories and songs for your listening pleasure. Come and say G'day.

Wallaby Creek Festival - in the gorgeous rainforest surroundings in the far north coast of Queensland. 28th to 30th Sept. I'm leaving Stew and Ellie behind for this one....Yikes! I'll come back fresh as a daisy with renewed energy and love for parenthood.....I hope : )

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Snez E-News: New Song EBONY

Hey folks,
Another day, another video.
This episode I'm sharing a song called 'Ebony'. A fun uptempo track.
I started to work on it a couple of years ago and just couldn't get any more out of it. So it has remained the way I began it. I don't think it's a hit, but it feels good to sing : )
Ebony is a song about my Donkey Horse.


In other News: 
I've been in the studio this week to put down two guitar tracks. Between a kid, life and music, things feel like they're moving slowly, but it's happening slowly but surely. 

Upcoming shows for September
This week I've got some great shows coming up.
Fri 7 Sept - Headland Cafe, Valla - 7 pm // $9 // Book your table, limited seats
Sat 8 Sept - The Little Red Kitchen, Bellingen - 6.30 pm // Free // Book a table.
Sun 23 Sept - Folk by the Sea, Kiama - 3.15 pm 
Fri 28 - 30 Sept - Wallaby Creek Festival, Homerule QLD

Okay have a great weekend.
Smell ya later

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Snez E-News - Caravan Sessions - Fisher on the Sea

Howdy Strangers.
Lots going on here in the mid north coast. I've been in and out of the studio laying down tracks and I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far. Take a peek at my video for a tour around my garden, a snippet in the studio with Stewart and a new song 'Fisher on the Sea'. Let me know what you think.


In other news: I had a wonderful show at 2NVR, Radio Nambucca with a live studio audience, throwing out questions and singing along.  What a beautiful audience and a beautiful night overall. Thanks once again to Ceri Wrobel who puts it all together and hosts this wonderful evening. 

Upcoming Gigs: 
These week sends me to Eungai - The Funkya@Unkya Markets. Please join me, I'll be appearing solo from 10am on Sunday 26 August.. Also if you're up for a dinner/show tapas style  Ill be at the Headland Cafe in Valla  on Fri 7 Sept from 7 pm. Booking a table is recommended on (02) 6569 5140. Tickets are $9 for show.

Other gigs: 
Sun 26 Aug - Funkya@Unkya Markets, Eungai / Free  / 10 am
Thur 6 Sept - Tapp Bar, Port Macquarie // details to be announced
Fri 7 Sept - Headland Cafe, Valla // $9 / 7 pm
Sun 23 Sept - Folk by the Sea, Kiama Showground // 3.30 pm
Fri 28 - 30 Sept - Wallaby Creek Festival, Homerule QLD
Sat 6 Oct - Little Red Kitchen, Bellingen //Free//6.30 pm

Smell ya later

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

SNEZ E-News - Busking on the Road

Hello folks, another warm sunny day here in Valla. Here's another video blog with a new song called 'Busking on the Road'. When I'm on the road, I am in heaven. Don't get me wrong, it's hard yakka, I get emotional, I hurt my back, Ellie's usually screaming in the background while I'm preparing for a show, she's having a meltdown, I have low moments and I start to itch to get on stage because that is MY TIME -  a relief from everyday life. It took a long time to get to a point where I book a show and people actually buy tickets and turn up and I'm really grateful to be able to share the gift of song, the audience is usually right there rising up to welcome me. So thank you. 

In other News:

FREE Gig: If you're around Port Macquarie this week, I'll be up and at em really early. Way too early for a muso. 9 am at the Salty Crew Kiosk in Port Mac //  FREE show. Come by and grab some breakfast and early morning tunes. Sunday 12 August/9am to 11am

Ellie, at the family retreat
 Music Clip News: Last year I went to Macedonia with my parents, Stewart and Ellie and spent a month immersed in family politics, beautiful scenery, pizzas and wine. As some of you may know, I play a beautiful traditional Macedonia folk song in my set. I spent my time in Macedonia filming a music clip to go with 'Makendonsko Devojce'. So keep your eyes peeled for a new clip soon.

August Upcoming Gigs
Sun 12 Aug - Salty Crew Kiosk, Port Mac 9 am
Fri 17 Aug - Studio 3, 2NVR live show, Tewinga, 6.30 pm
Sun 26 Aug - Funkya@Unkya Markets, Eungai, 10am

Thats it for now folks.
Smell ya later
Snez x

Friday, July 27, 2018

SNEZ E-News - Welcome to Valla!

Our new home in Valla, Mid North Coast
Hey folks,
It's been a hectic year. After being in the beautiful Blue Mountains for the last 12 years, we finally made a break for it and decided to move to the mid north coast, a little town called Valla.
We scored a 6 acre property, 10 minutes from the beach and absolutely love the endless sunshine. I've made a little video of our little piece of paradise : )

My songwriting office
For the past year I've been writing, procrastinating, suffering writers block and in general struggling to piece together songs - in between moving, gigging and motherhood,  but I'm in a flow now and pleased to say I have 10 new tracks ready to be recorded. I'll be heading into the Soundshed Studios to get cracking on the new album next week.

Soundshed Music is up and go!

The Soundshed Music studio is up and running, after a couple of weeks of renovations, building and sound proofing at our new location. We've got beautiful views, kangaroos and all sorts of birds for  your pleasure : )

Ellie is growing up very quickly. 3 and half already! Where did that time go? She's at pre-school 3 days a week.

Ellie, 3.5 years old now woah!

 Gigs are flowing, so come along and say hi. If you want to host a house concert in your neighbourhood please send me an email.

Sat 4 Aug - Little Red Kitchen, Bellingen 6.30 pm (Free)
Sun 12 Aug - Salty Crew Kiosk, Port Macquarie 9 am (Free)
Fri 17 Aug - Studio 3, 2NVR radio Live show, Tewinga 6.30 pm (Free)
Sun 26 Aug - Unkya Markets, Eungai 9.30 am (Free)
Thur 6 Sept - Tapp Bar, Port Macqaurie with Angus Gill
Fri 14 Sept - Headland Cafe, Valla 7 pm ($9 )
Sun 23 Sept - Folk by the Sea, Kiama
Fri 28 to Sun 30 Sept - Wallaby Creek Festival, Homerule, Qld